Tips For A Better Website Design

Daunting for the experienced and overwhelming for the beginners is two ways to describe a web design project regardless of what the recent ads say.

You need to process a lot of information, especially since the field is continuously changing and evolving.

With a little bit of planning, you can break down your site design to easy to manage elements.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Profitable web designs communicate well with your visitors and make it easy for them to make a buying decision. Distracting elements such as animated gifs interfere with your message. Your graphics should support your message and not compete with it.
  2. Background, the same as graphics, should help the message and not work against it. Any background, regardless of how beautiful it may look, that makes it hard to read your message, has to go.
  3. The search function helps your visitors find what they want even if they entered your site from an unrelated URL. The top right corner seems to work well for search placement.
  4. Free is not bad, paid is not better. When you get started, you may want to find online apps or software that helps you design your website for free. However, as your site grows, you may want to revert to paid service for customization.
  5. Size matters. In the case of a website, smaller file sizes load faster, which matches the impatient visitors. Slow loading means lost visitors and lost sales.
  6. White represents mature. What color is Google’s background? Need I say more?
  7. You are reading this article to help you reach a goal. I need to help you read, and that is where readable fonts instead of artistic fonts come in.
  8. Relax, plan, and take daily actions.

Your ability to make better website design similar to other skills improves by practice. So keep at it.